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Fund A Need - Library and Literacy Upgrades
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Did you know the current budget for the Walnut Acres Library is $0? 

Our childrens’ reading fluency is fundamental to their learning and our library is unable to order new books and replenish basic supplies such as barcode stickers. 

It is heartbreaking when we take a favorite book off the shelves because it’s coming apart, or witness eager hands grab for the only graphic novels available. Our children shouldn’t have their enthusiasm for reading dampened because they can’t check out a book they want to read.

Libraries across the world are updating their environments to dynamic, lively places for collaboration, discussion, and creation. Our library should be a destination for finding engaging stories and be an environment that nurtures the love of reading. For this reason, we are also seeking to add a creative dimension to our library with supplies to bring reading to life like graphic-novel design materials and origami, among others. 

Your generous donation will help fund:

  • Purchase of new books, with a focus on graphic novels and early reader chapter books

  • Replacement of damaged, high-demand books

  • Library circulation supplies such as compatible barcodes and book mending tape

  • Creative supplies like blank graphic novel templates, art pens, origami paper, and more

Our Library Fund-a-Need will impact every student at Walnut Acres. With your help, we can provide the boost our library needs to meet the standard our children deserve. Your contribution to the Walnut Acres Library enables us to provide a space and access to beloved literature fostering the life-long love of reading in our children.

Fund-a-Need: School Beautification and Safety
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The picnic tables are a unique part of our campus. Let's improve the safety of this space for our students while retaining its character and usefulness by adding planters across the entrance. Security planters for schools serve a variety of purposes and can be functional art pieces, adding a landscaping element to our campus. They help reduce vehicle accidents, clarify where parking is or isn’t allowed and also provide perimeter safety at entry and exit points. All of these things protect pedestrians, vehicles and the entire school itself.

Cash Contribution to Our School
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The funds we raise during this auction support critical programs such as reading and math intervention, classroom teaching aides, science and computer labs, and art and music instruction that would otherwise be unavailable at our school.

Every donation is 100% Tax Deductible and every dollar raised goes directly to benefit our school!

Thank you for your cash donation and helping us raise funds for the cause that unites us all - our children!

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